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Xamarin Mobile App Development

Xamarin Mobile App Development

Why Use Xamarin Mobile App Development?

The Internet is a fantastic thing that allows users to connect with each other and find out any information easily with just a few taps. This computing device is now gone to a new level with the introduction of mobile phones in the market. However, the technology stack is still the talk of the town that increases the debate in the developers.

Some prefer .NET as their main language whereas others love Xamarin due to the code base and expertise. However, Xamarin developers are in high demand with time that is influencing service integrations and polished tools.

This usually doesn’t leave much ground to compare Xamarin with others but there are other platforms that have their own sets of advantages for the development world. So, let us explain to you why developers prefer the Xamarin technology stack for mobile app development.

Why Use Xamarin For Cross-Platform App Development?

  1. Code Reusability –

    Xamarin follows the single C# code base that can be shared with others easily. There is no need to write multiple codes for different platforms that make it easy for developers. The single code base can work smoothly with others in the Windows, Android, iOS, and other platforms.

  2. Cost-Efficiency –

    There is no point in writing multiple codes for the same native app to launch it over different platforms. It doesn’t showcase any of the equivalent results while investing a number of hours in the built. Hence, the app development company prefers Xamarin to not only save time but also the cost. Around 70 to 80% of the code can be used for the cross-platform to perform, function, and render native UX.

  3. Smartwatch Apps –

    Are you a fan of smartwatches? Well, now wonder the craze of smartwatch among your target audience that will make you run for the smartwatch app now. Xamarin can make the C# code to easily run the app on the wrist with the help of iOS Apple Watch apps with Windows and for Mac – Visual Studio. Not only this, but Android Wear is also included in the long list of Xamarin benefits.

  4. Xamarin.Forms –

    Xamarin.Forms are used to design the whole UI of the apps. In order to get the best UI/UX, Xamarin.Forms are used that will prepare UI and save time a lot.

  5. Native Application Programming interfaces (APIs) –

    The Native APIs can be easily accessed easily by the Xamarin experts over all the platforms. It is a great way to save efforts and time for developers to have a successful launch in the market.

  6. More Than Mobile App Development –

    It is a myth that Xamarin is limited to mobile app development. It is much more than just the mobile app development including Mac apps, Wearable apps, Scenekit/Metal/SpriteKit games, OpenGL games, and TvOs apps.

  7. Maintenance –

    It is one of the major concerns of the clients or business owners that have an app in the market. Especially if the app is running over a cross-platform framework then it can be extremely frustrating. However. Xamarin is a user-friendly platform that helps in updates and maintenance of the app. It is easy to make changes in the source file and then deploy it. This can be done over all the platforms easily without any hitches or different code changes and deployment.

Why Xamarin Is So Popular?

There are so many aspects that make Xamarin an ideal platform for developers. It solves a lot of issues of Windows, iOS, and Android while enhancing the performance and quality of the app. Not only this, there are several elements that make Xamarin an ideal choice for the Android and iOS apps.

  1. Mono.NET Framework –

    One can easily access Microsoft .NET framework extensive features implementation while being the part of the cross-platform.

  2. C# Language –

    The sophisticated features and familiar syntax includes the name of Task Parallel Library, LINQ, and Generics Library that makes Xamarin app development easy.

  3. Integrated Development Environment Tools –

    The Windows and Mac projects can easily be created, built, and deployed in the Visual Studios with the help of Xamarin.

  4. Compiler –

    The platform depends upon the native apps that help in producing the native apps. Along with this, the runtime and integrated .NET apps also depend upon Xamarin that can easily optimize the deployment process. The unused code can be linked away in the deployment process.


Undoubtedly, Xamarin is one of the best cross-platform app development that is used due to its powerful and excellent nature. It helps in saving up fractional cost and run, test, and built the app with a single framework.

It is a good reason that makes development companies go for Xamarin to save overall client cost, maintenance, and development time. Along with this, UI/UX is just an added benefit to getting a top-notch product.