modern businesses

Role of interpretation in Modern Business

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With businesses becoming increasingly more global and more businesses getting modern, the need for cross-cultural business transactions became inevitable. As modern businesses increase, translation and interpreting services remain a vital part of doing business around the world. Interpreters are now key members of various business teams including the negotiation team for successful business transactions. Interpreters play a vital role in modern business, they enhance a better atmosphere for business by conveying information accurately from one language to another. Most interpreters provide services in a number of business areas and they specialize in specific fields. Modern cities like Dubai and the United Arab Emirate (UAE) are built for doing modern business. Dubai, UAE are homes to significant populations of foreign and minority language speakers and these cities as been positioned as a dynamic business environment with most business transactions carried out across different cultures and languages. Just like any major business powerhouse, there are certain pitfalls to be avoided and obstacles to overcome. Such is having to do business with people of different culture and languages. However, providing you go into business with the best interpretation services in Dubai, there is no reason why the driven and dedicated entrepreneur cannot see success in these amazing cities.

As everyone agrees that things get a lot better with a little human touch, various translation and interpreting companies which are very efficient and proactive with their language translation services are now emerging across the globe. Two main interpreting modes are most common, they are simultaneous interpretation and Consecutive interpretation.

In Consecutive interpretation, the interpreter basically waits for the speaker to make a pause in their speech and then interprets what has been said. It is always the chosen mode when listeners are bilingual and wish to hear both the original and interpreted speech but it isn’t practical when interpretation into multiple languages is required. The time needed is much greater and possibly double the time needed for the speech. Consecutive interpreting does not require a special equipment, although the speaker needs to provide the interpreter with materials and other information about the subject matter. Agreement can be reached between the speaker and the interpreter as to the pattern of consecutive interpretation to be adopted. The speech could be in a pattern of short or long segments. In short Consecutive interpreting, the interpreter relies mostly on memory of what the speaker said in a short period whereas in long consecutive interpreting the interpreter relies mostly on Note taking. This pattern is desirable as it gives a more accurate interpretation than the short consecutive interpretation. The interpreter has a full understanding and the whole meaning of what the speaker has said before rendering it in the target language. Consecutive interpretation is ideal for face to face business conversations as It is mostly adopted by Escort interpreter in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

Simultaneous interpretation differs from consecutive interpretation. It is suitable for large scale events and situations where a pause is not beneficial. The advent of multi lingual meetings as modern business gets global in Dubai and UAE has reduced the amount of consecutive interpretation. Simultaneous interpretation saves time and prevent the interpreter from disturbing the natural flow of the speaker speech.  interpretation in Modern businesses make use of software where the program listens to the speaker and interpret it in the associated language. In the ideal settings, the interpreter sits in a soundproof booth and are equipped with headphones which block out background noise and other environmental factors that can cause distraction. They speak into a microphone, while clearly seeing and hearing the source language speaker via earphones. The simultaneous interpretation is delivered to the listeners via their earphones. Board meetings, large conventions, employee training, interviews are strategic areas where simultaneous interpretation are used for modern businesses in Dubai and UAE.

The need for an effective interpretation service cannot be over emphasized in modern business today as interpreters are deemed to be paramount to the facilitation of business. Our company provide specialized business interpretations which involves specialist interpretation both in Simultaneous and Consecutive interpretations with a huge quantity of interpreters. We have excellent interpreters in various languages like Arabic, Turkish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese etc. Our Interpreters have sound knowledge of respective businesses and current events relating to various business in discuss.

Repair your car

Repair your car at affordable rates

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Buying a car is dream come true for many. A car is generally a very expensive piece of machinery and thus when a person buys it he treats it like his most prized possession. However, to ensure that your expenses do not rise gradually after buying the car you need to make sure that you are servicing it regularly. Without regular servicing your car just might malfunction one fine day and it will cost you a lot of money to get it repaired. With regular servicing you will come to know of any minor damage at an early stage and will be able to take care of it. Naturally it will cost you far less than a full repair. That is why it important to find affordable car repair services in your area to ensure a good maintenance of your car.

If you are someone who remains busy for the most part of the day then it might prove to be difficult for you to regularly visit a car servicing shop and get your car serviced. In order to relieve you from this problem there is now the option of online car repairing services. In this method you will have to book an appointment with the company you want to get your car serviced from. The booking can be done online by visiting the company’s website. Once the booking is complete you can relax as the company professionals will reach your home on the date you have provided. They will service your care right at your door step and leave when everything is done. In this way you do not have to move from your house and yet your car is also serviced at the same time. Due to such great facilities more and more people are now opting for online car repairing services.

However, you need to keep a few things in mind before you select a company to get your care serviced from. Given the fact that you car is one of your most prized possessions you cannot simply trust any company with it. That is why you need to do a good market research and then only select a company. In order to ensure that you find the best company you need to prepare a list of companies operating in your area. Thereafter, you need to compare these companies among themselves in terms of their experience, years of expertise and quality of professionals. In this way you will find a company that will stand out from the rest and will best suit your needs. Make sure to check its online ratings and reviews once before finally hiring it.

If you are looking for classic car repairs then you can easily get in touch with the company named Pitstop. This is a well experienced company that offers online car repairing services at affordable rates. You can also get an instant quote on your car by simply filling out a form that is available on the company website.

5 Things You Must Know About Loan Against Property.

5 Things You Must Know About Loan Against Property

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Taking a loan against property is a popular way to avail funds. However, there are some important factors to be considered before you apply for a loan.

Securing a loan against property (LAP) is popular amongst micro, small and medium business owners. Individuals in need of urgent cash also avail the loan, as homeowners can get the loan quickly and easily. However, before applying for a loan, it is important to understand loan against property interest rates and tenures as both these factors impact the EMI.

Apart from these two, there are five other essential factors which you need to consider before you begin the loan application process. Some of these are discussed below.

Value of the property

As an applicant or borrower, you must be up to date with the existing market value of the property. Before applying for a LAP, the applicant can get an independent valuation expert to estimate the property value. It would help you get a better idea of how much loan to apply for without getting rejected. Banks have independent technical experts who value the worth of a property by taking various factors into account. An applicant can get LAP up to 90% of the property’s value. Just make sure you get the encumbrance certificate.

The income and repayment ability of the borrower

Usually, a loan against property is a substantial amount. Banks will carry out checks to ensure that you can pay the EMI, as per the stipulated timeline. For this reason, they will require you to submit past and present proof of income. Salaried employees can share salary slips while self-employed can share IT returns for the last 2-3 years. Loan tenures can go up to 15 years, and therefore, you also need to plan your income for the long-term loan to enable easy repayment.

Most people have the misconception that banks are looking to seize and sell their property. It is the opposite infact. Banks undertake multiple and stringent scrutinizations to avoid selling a property as it is a time and effort-intensive exercise.


A bank will allow you to have a co-applicant for the loan, even if the co-applicant is not the owner of the property. For example, you can ask your spouse, sibling, adult child, or parent to be a co-applicant when taking a loan against a self-owned home. Remember, the bank will run a credit history check on all applicants before sanctioning the loan.

Ownership of property

Ownership of the property is established before the loan is sanctioned. If you are the sole owner, you can apply for the loan directly. In the case of co-owned property, banks usually require a no-objection certificate, or for the co-owners to be co-applicants. Another thing to keep in mind is that the property should not be under dispute.

Be aware of the fees

Bank have additional charges such as processing fees, pre-closure charges, sales tax, and penalties on late deliveries. The borrower must accordingly provision for these expenses to bear them without hassles.

By keeping these five things in mind, an applicant can be better informed and thus improve the chances of acquiring a loan against property.

Television from Spain

Online Television from Spain

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Many Spanish people want to watch television online de españa while they’re not in the country. The trouble is, the geo-blocking prevents them from accessing their favorite shows, as only the citizens of the country who live there are ‘allowed’ to watch the national television without restricted access, whereas ‘foreigners’ only get a portion.

Of course, that applies if you don’t know how to use Spanish proxies or if you don’t know have your own VPN. We’re here to talk about both.

Why can’t you watch Spanish television while you’re abroad

The copyright laws vary from country to country, but they’re pretty much universal when it comes to broadcasting platforms. Every broadcasting platform needs to pay substantial amounts of money for licenses required to broadcast a show, and every show comes at a different cost.

Of course, some of the premium ones such as Narcos, El Internado, Elite, Destions, Locked up, and such are generally ‘exclusive’ in a sense, but you’re practically gambling whenever you get in a hotel room (or rented apartment or such) – you might get those shows on your cable, but then again, you might not.

In order to ver television desde el extranjero without the aforementioned limitations caused by geo-blocking, we recommend that you use a VPN – virtual private network.

Which content is blocked?

Since we’ve briefly mentioned that you’re taking a huge gamble without a VPN, let’s discuss which content will be available to you if you opt for the cable network instead of the virtual private network.

The worst-case scenario is that you won’t be able to access ‘anything’. You’ll be able to watch the national shows, which basically means that if you don’t like the shows of the country you’re in, or if you don’t know the language, you’re totally out of luck.

On the flip side, paying some extra cash for a betel hotel room (or for a better apartment), there are chances that you’ll get a variety of shows to watch. However, you’ll still need to pay a lot of cash, even for some things you might not even need just so you could watch your favorite shows. Isn’t there a better alternative?

VPN – Virtual private network and how they could help you out

Basically, one of the best solutions for anyone who wants to watch online shows while they’re abroad is VPN. The virtual private network is practically tailor-made to bypass geo-blocks and anything similar, which only means that the shows that would otherwise be unavailable to you will be accessible at your whim.

The VPN providers offer different services at different prices, so your safest bet is to check them all out before you make the final decision on your budget. Despite the many features VPNs bring, one of the biggest and most important ones is that you will have your own private network, your own private connection. That means that the local networks will no longer be able to trace your activities online.

Baby Thermals

The Essential Qualities Of Baby Thermals: Ensuring Warmth With Utmost Coziness

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Thermals are considered to be an important piece of clothing when the winter season arrives. The long chilly nights can be survived with the use of thermals that keeps the body warm and comfortable at the same time. Especially for newborn babies, the winter months can be pretty harsh on their skin and therefore, adequate clothing is required to keep them cozy all the time. Getting hold of the perfect thermal for babies is absolutely required so that the babies can have a comfortable sleep all the time. A thermal can be worn beneath the clothing as well so as to provide extra comfort. Thereby, there are some essential criteria’s that must be kept in mind before buying baby thermals. Some of them are as follows:

  • See the size of the baby thermals-

Thermals for babies come in various shapes. There are thermals available for newborn babies and as well as for toddlers, aging between 1 to 3. The size of the thermal really matters for the babies as they grow significantly. Therefore, the thermal shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. Loose thermals can make the baby trip and fall and thus, in order to avoid all sorts of uncomfortable situations, the size must be checked thoroughly.

  • Check the quality of the thermal-

The quality of the thermal is utmost important especially when it is being bought for babies. While purchasing one, it is appreciated to go for soft wool so that the skin doesn’t hurt. Since some thermals cause rashes because of the poor quality of the material, it is advised to check the quality before laying hands on the baby’s thermals.

  • Buy skin breathable thermals-

Skin breathable thermals are considered to be very important for the babies as their skin is 60% more sensitive than adults. If the thermals somewhat choke their skin, then the ultimate result would be skin issues that would take time to heal. Thereby, going for fabrics that are actually skin friendly and highly breathable is best for the babies.

Looking into men’s thermal wear:

While looking to purchase men’s thermal wear, it is utmost necessary to check the fabric quality so that it can easily bring in the warmth that is required. Along with that, thermal wear for men come in various shapes and sizes and it is essential to see the size as some men might have broad shoulders, resulting in size difference of the thermals. However, while choosing to opt for thermals at the store, go for loose ones, as it provides extra comfort and even lasts for longer periods.

Thermal wear for men usually comes in three colors and anyone can be opted according to the requirements. Depending upon the quality of the fabric, the price of thermal is brought to the scene, and investing in a good thermal is considered to be the best option to be opted for. Therefore, look for thermals that keep up to the quality and price at the same time.

marketing campaigns

Make your marketing campaigns as simple as possible

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No matter what sort of organization you’re promoting, marketing campaigns need to be kept simple in order for them to work. Trying to be too gimmicky can quickly backfire, while campaigns which don’t provide a personal touch can quickly seem bland. Here’s how to keep things as simple as possible in the marketing world while also achieving your goals.

Stay away from gimmicks

In the recent past, one of the holy grails of marketing was that being edgy, cool or quirky was essential for many types of consumer campaign, however, as with all marketing tools that kind of move has a shelf life. That’s why there’s been a marked decrease in the number of outrageous publicity stunts that firms pull, for example, or the number of costumed mascots, free gifts and more that you see on the streets. In a world which is saturated by advertising and products, this sort of behavior from an advertiser seems way over the top.

Personalization is the way

There are hundreds of tools out there which can help you personalize your marketing campaigns, and you’d be a fool not to use them. The best email outreach tools will automate this process for you.Using mail merge tags to insert the first name of the person you email, for example, doesn’t have to be complicated, and even free versions of tools such as Mailchimp will let you do this. This sort of trick is a way to appear advanced while actually remaining very simple.The effect of personalization is profound, but the machinery behind it is very easy to use.

Use tools

From a marketer’s perspective, managing every single piece of content or achieving every strategic goal seems like a minefield. But it doesn’t have to be this way: there are lots of simplification tools out there which are designed to reduce the level of stress which marketing campaigns can place on you. From social media scheduling services like Hootsuite to Google advertising management platforms such as AdEspresso, there are plenty of options.

Sometimes, these services might charge a fee for the level of service and functionality you require. This can seem like a drain on resources, especially if your marketing budget is tight or under threat. However, it’s important to see this sort of tool as an investment in keeping things simple – which, in the long run, is likely to save you time and make you a more efficient and strategic asset in your workplace.

For marketers who are finding themselves in a little bit too deep and stuck with overcomplicated marketing systems, tools which make life easier are a godsend. From scheduling apps for your social media posts to personalization systems which let you speak to your customers in a more direct way, there are plenty of options. The age of the gimmick is over; the most valuable approach for marketers is to be as clear and simple as possible, whenever you can.

Proctoring Services

Important Factors to Analyze Before Choosing the Excellent Proctoring Services

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How would you recognize if the person taking an online exam is doing on his own or cheating using an external source? The answer to this is Online Proctoring. It is a method to prevent cheating during online exams. The exam-takers tend to cheat while giving an exam. Proctoring software is smart enough to detect any suspicious activity. There is a plethora of proctoring solutions that are used to prevent cheating and to avoid choosing the wrong proctoring solution, you need to consider the factors before you start choosing one:

Stakes involved

Entrance examinations including SAT, GMAT, GRE, etc are high stake. They are strict toward cheating and doesn’t allow any kind of suspicious activity. These exams make use of proctoring solutions that are reliable. In case you require a proctoring service for college exams, you may go for the normal proctoring solutions. Talking about stakes, these solutions are available for all sorts of exams including schools, universities, and certifications. Therefore, always consider the type of stakes involved to choose the best service for you.

Exam location

The beauty of online exams is that it can be given from anywhere- remotely or from a designated venue. If it is a designated exam venue such as CAT, SAT, etc, exam proctoring services such as classroom proctoring, or record and review proctoring are used to prevent cheating. There is strict checking and authentication via biometrics. Their PCs don’t allow them to cheat. On the other hand, if it is a remote exam venue, a high proctoring service will be used that will keep an eye on you with the help of online authentication, audio and video capturing, suspicious behavior, etc.

Exam Type

Exam type is an important factor to consider while choosing the exam proctoring services. Exam types can be open book exams or closed book exams where exam takers make use of websites and sometimes even calculators are used. For such type of tests, the proctored solutions allow the candidates to access them and keep an eye on them to prevent any kind of misuse. The proctoring services are a great way to ensure the individual doesn’t teach and complete the test with their own capability.


Without a budget, you cannot decide the right proctoring services for you. An organization with a budget can easily recognize what it wants. Live proctoring is a little expensive as it involves online authentication, secure browser, on the other hand, low-cost solutions are- Auto proctoring or review and record proctoring paired with online ID authentication. Live proctoring is quite reliable as it provides advanced security and keeps a check on the candidates’ activities.

Economies of Scale

While choosing a proctoring solution, you need to identify the number of candidates attending the exam. Live proctoring is not an easy task in the case of a large number of candidates. Auto proctoring works best in this situation. If there are a small number of test takers, live proctoring works best. Therefore, it all depends on the time, budget and stakes.A small number of test takers: When the number of test takers is less- live proctoring, record and review proctoring or auto proctoring- any of these proctoring solutions can be used, depending on the stakes at hand, budget, time at hand, etc.

As technology is advancing and everything is getting automated with the advent of artificial intelligence, smart applications are coming up. Proctoring services are artificial intelligence that does the job of a human. Therefore, go proctor and change the way you supervise the exam takers.

Banking Career Path

A Quick Guide to Investment Banking Career Path

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A path to investment banking is not as easy as it may seem. As an investment banker, you need to have excitement for deals and high-stakes negotiations. The field of investment banking is a competitive one and if you are a high-achiever who has no issue working for long hours, then leave no time to get into this lucrative field.

As an investment banker, master the field of Math and polish your reading and writing skills. Love for numbers should be extreme, else you won’t be able to make it. A great interest in deals will make you a good investment banking professional.

Let’s introduce you to the Investment Banking Career Path-

Investment Banking Analyst

The responsibilities of an investment banking analyst include taking charge of Excel and PowerPoint work, writing emails, making phone calls and administrative tasks such as tracking buyers and sellers, managing the data room and deal documents, and responding to requests from clients and potential clients. The position of an analyst is given to the junior employees and is meant for graduate students. You need to gear up yourself for the hectic work schedules as an analyst in investment banking.

Investment Banking Associate

Unlike analyst, associate assigns the work, supervises it, and on a few days’ work on Excel sheets and PowerPoint. The roles and responsibilities of an associate are to attend meetings and interact with the clients. An associate serves as a link between a junior and a senior. The associate also is an entry-level position wherein you will find yourself handling a few roles of an analyst. You will be given areas of transactions which will help you prepare for the senior roles.

Vice President

The position of Vice President is the most senior banker position and their responsibilities include monitoring the work of junior bankers, i.e. analysts and associates, and making sure that they deliver what the top management wants. You will be expected to interact with the clients and get new business. Since this is the senior level, you will have to work with the standalone spirit to build relationships and be accountable for the work done.


In most of the banks, you will find Directors being titled as Senior Vice Presidents or Executive Directors or Principals. The role of a director is a mixed one. Sometimes he will be expected to handle the role of a VP and on a few days, he will be possessing the role of an MD. A mix of the role will include developing relationships and winning clients, execution work and project management. Gear up as a director as you will handling bigger responsibilities

Managing Director

Managing Director is the King as all the above-mentioned positions are answerable to him. They spend their time winning clients, meeting companies, developing relationships, and get involved in negotiations. Everyone else will try to please you in the company. When you reach this level, you are likely to win other high-level jobs at companies or possibly even in private equity or other buy-side roles.

In this market full of competition, getting a job is not easy till you have an investment banking certification that proves your mettle in the field of investment banking. Certifications hold the potentiality to demonstrate your skills to the employers so that you are able to get the best job as an investment banking professional. Get certified with the best credentialing bodies including Investment Banking Council of America, IMARTICUS, Corporate Finance Institute, New York Institute of Finance, and IBP Institute. The certification will help you build a solid foundation in investment banking so that your mind is boosted with the dose of learning. Get certified to make a career in this big field!

Courses and Certifications

The Best AI Courses and Certifications to Start Your Career With

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We can’t ignore the fact that Artificial Intelligence is the future of the world as it holds the potentiality to transform our lives as well as the businesses’. It is creating a plethora of job opportunities which is further creating a surge for AI professionals. Organizations are looking for professionals who have extensive knowledge in their chosen field and therefore mention the need for certified professionals in their job descriptions and requirements.

There are innumerable certification bodies but we have chosen the best ones for you. In case you are confused about the courses and certifications, take these into account and advance forward in the race of competition. Let’s introduce you to the best AI courses and certification bodies to that stay ahead and give your best in your AI career.

Best AI Courses:

1)  Experfry

Experfry offers Machine Learning Certification program that is designed by the industry experts to polish your skills in ML and make you succeed in this world of AI. During the course, you will be able to fathom various machine learning algorithms such as Supervised Learning: Decision Trees, Naïve Bayes Classification, Ordinary Least Squares Regression, Logistic Regression, Support Vector Machines and much more along with Python code examples tackling real-life use cases from different industries. After the completion of the course, you will able to apply this knowledge to benefit your organization.

2) Simplilearn

To be a master in machine learning, get certified with Simplilearn’s Artificial Intelligence Course to get the overview of AI concepts and workflows, machine learning and deep learning, and performance metrics. You will be a champion in the concepts and techniques of artificial intelligence including supervised, unsupervised learning, and reinforcement learning. Not just this, you will also be exposed to the use cases and in no time you will be geared up for the role of the AI Engineer. Get ready to gain expertise with a dedicated mentoring session from the faculty of industry experts.

3) Udemy

Udemy’s Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning course will introduce you to the current state of AI and how it is disrupting businesses. The course will make you dive deep into the various building blocks of AI and why it’s necessary for you to have a high-level overview of these topics in today’s data-driven world. After the successful completion of this course, you will be geared up to use your knowledge in the organization and you will get the ability to make smarter strategic decisions for the business.

4) Udacity

Artificial Intelligence will enhance your skills in the AI field such as Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Deep Reinforcement Learning, or core AI Algorithms. You will get your existing skills polished in programming, deep learning, and machine learning. After this program, you will be able to get the best in the industry by proving your expertise in the field of Artificial intelligence. Gear up to demonstrate all the talent you acquire during the training as businesses are running after talented professionals who can prove their worth.

Best AI Certifications

1) Artificial Intelligence Board of America (ARTIBA)

Get ready to advance in your AI career with ARTIBA. This certification institute gears an individual to excel as an AI engineer by covering every concept of Machine Learning, Regression, Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning, Reinforced Learning, Natural Language Processing, Cognitive Computing, and Deep Learning. In order to jumpstart your career in the field of AI, leverage the massive benefits of this certification and you will be all set to take the big roles in the future. Gear up and get AI certification.

2) MIT

MIT offers the Professional Certificate Program in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence to make you stay at the forefront. With their certifications, they make sure that businesses and individuals get acquainted with the power of AI. The certifications are enough to make an individual get enough knowledge of the latest advancements and technical approaches such as natural language processing, predictive analytics, deep learning, and algorithmic methods.

AI is here to bring a revolution and it’s just a start. It holds the ability to bring in more advances in the future. As an AI professional, you can’t afford to sit back and relax. You need to upgrade your skills with the advancement in technology with the help of AI certifications and courses as they help you work with the best companies with the best salary packages. Time to prove what you have got!




Governments Want Mandatory Cybersecurity Permits or Insurance

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It has been a hot topic for governments around the world as cybersecurity comes to the forefront of the latest agendas in countries such as Italy, France, India, China, Russia, USA, and the UK.

All of these countries have seen the percentage and the amount of money syphoned off by criminal gangs that target business IT systems as a means to make money. With many cyber-attacks resulting in costing companies financially, the losses are written off against tax meaning the governments have had to get involved. World economy is not exactly at its strongest right now, and governments need all the tax they can get.

It has been reported that many of the businesses that have suffered at the hands of organised crime groups were not properly prepared. Their back up systems were either non-existent or outdated. Their IT security an open door. Plus, their internal IT security policies were not enforced or quite simply the business had no IT security policy.

Many of these companies do not have any insurance policies that protect them from theft of data or financial funds. One unnamed US official said “Insurance against cyberattacks is something most small to medium size businesses have never considered, but in this day and age it should be mandatory”.

This means that there is a strong belief within government departments that something needs to be put in place to force these businesses to protect themselves. Afterall, if a business fails because it suffered from a cyberattack, then it is not just the business owners that suffer, but those employed by the business whom the firms have a responsibly towards.

What Would Mandatory Cybersecurity Be?

One idea is that governments would issue a permit to businesses. Every business would have to obtain the permit within a set time period. If they do not, then there would be a financial penalty or any losses from a cyberattack cannot be written ff against tax.

To qualify for permit issuance the companies would have to pass a cybersecurity test similar to one used in the financial services sector. Tests would mean proving that the company actively uses anti-virus software, provides encrypted VPNs to employees with laptops, issue cybersecurity manuals to all staff, and prove employees have been trained on internet security such as the use of navigazione in incognito, local file encryption, deleting temp files and so on.

Another idea was to forced businesses to take out insurance policies against cyberattacks. This approach would save governments time as well as taxpayers money, which would be used to set up a government department to control and govern the issuance of permits. Insurance companies will not cover a business that cannot prove it has done all it can to protect itself from a cyberattack. In short, the same training and security software stipulate in the rules to obtain a government permit would be required by the insurance companies.

Right now there are numerous small businesses that are not using any kind of security or protecting. They are at risk, but do not realise it. Even training employees to use something as basic as navigazione sicura would make a huge difference.