4 Ways Law Review Membership Can Benefit Your Legal Career

An ABA approved law school program requires a minimum of 83 credits to graduate and must be completed within 24 or 60 months. Students must earn at least 64 of those credits through classroom study. Students must also take at least two hours of professional responsibility courses and must complete 700 minutes of instruction time to earn a single credit hour. There are several other requirements for obtaining an ABA-accredited law degree. These requirements are specific to the program of study.

Law review membership

A law review membership can be a great career move for many reasons. Among other things, it opens doors to potential employers and legal scholars, and it gives students a leg up. Brie Mainiero values the experience and the relationships she’s formed with legal inspirations. Below are a few of the benefits of Law Review membership. Read on to find out how it can benefit your legal career. After you complete your first year of law school, you can try out for the Law Review.

Moot court membership

Moot court membership as part of attorney educational programs is a great way to learn about the legal profession while participating in an extracurricular activity. As part of your education, you can join one or more Moot Court teams at your school. If you are interested in participating in a Moot Court, here are some reasons to consider it. First, you will be able to meet people from other law schools. Second, you will have the opportunity to practice advocacy skills with fellow law students. Moot court is a great way to learn about various legal fields and the process of advocacy.


The role of an extern in attorney education varies widely depending on the field of study. Depending on the placement, an extern may engage in legal research, draft memoranda, and attend meetings, as well as participate in legal proceedings such as trial or deposition. Other work may include helping with negotiations, drafting contracts, and reviewing transactional documents. Students are also expected to discuss their experiences with their supervisors. A few externship programs are also staffed by attorneys.


Practicums in attorney education are designed to allow students to experience what an Edgewood, Washington, DC car accident attorney does. Most of these placements involve real-world client work, so students get to experience the work side of the profession. The Managing Attorney tries to match students with placements that reflect their interests. Some placements are more competitive than others, so students should plan ahead. These internships can be a great way to develop the necessary skills for a career in the legal field.

Continuing legal education

The Commission on Continuing Legal Education has rules for CLE programs, which must be approved by the state bar. It also must maintain a calendar of accredited programs. If a program is approved, the Commission may grant it automatic accreditation. If it is not, the Commission must notify the sponsor and explain the reasons for the denial. The Commission also maintains a list of approved continuing legal education programs and makes it publicly available.

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