How cough can be cured by Ayurveda

Torex Cough Syurp

Cough is not a disease, but an obstruction that your upper respiratory tract faces. It is known to originate within the pleura linings of the bronchial tubes, lungs etc. As per Ayurveda cough is termed as  Kaasa Yoga and it is considered to be arising from vita dosha. In the market there are various Ayurveda … Read more

Eating for a fitter body and future

fitter body and future

It is important that you remember to eat well if you’re working out. A lot of people believe that working out is important so that you can eat whatever you wish to. However, that statement is far from the truth. It’s very difficult to be fit if you’re working out daily but only consuming unhealthy … Read more

No scars face wash – revolutionary product for scars and skin problems

skin problems

Diseases can seriously affect an individual’s ability to perform various activities. They can affect a normal functioning body to a great extent. Human beings and their body is prone to certain diseases which can affect their well being. People have to make sure their body stays immune from certain deadly diseases by taking various precautions … Read more

What is The Average Cost of IVF Treatment in India? What Legalities of Treatment Centre Defines the Success of the Treatment in India?

What is The Average Cost of IVF Treatment in India

Introduction: The Average Cost of IVF in India can vary from person to person, as it depends on the medical ailment in a patient. Some of the patients have to stay in the hospital for several days to complete the checkup and the diagnosis procedure while others with simplest complications have to visit the hospital … Read more

How I Became An Expert on Wellness

How I Became An Expert on Wellness

How to Naturally Cope With Anxiety There are medications your doctor may prescribe for anxiety; however it is important that you also know how to deal with the conditional naturally. This is what you need to know if you consider dealing with the disorder naturally without medication. If you feel that anxiety levels are rising … Read more