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Reusable produce bags offer great benefits for you and for the environment. They are the best substitute for plastic bags and help us to maintain healthy surroundings and ecosystems. Produce bags are very important whenever we buy anything from a grocery store. You can get the best designs with mesh structures which is durable to carry as many items as you need in one bag. Mesh produce bags are also great for carrying items and for storing them at your home.

Mesh produce bags are brilliant bags as they are multipurpose. These bags are breathable, unlike those harmful plastic bags. Mesh bags are at less risk of heat and moisture getting trapped and damaging the items before you get home. These bags keep food fresh and save a lot of money as you just need to buy one and they will solve multiple purposes. Here are the best three ways in which reusable mesh produce bags can help you:

Reduce Plastic Waste

This is the major benefit of using reusable bags as every time you buy an item you get it in those little plastic bags which create a lot of waste after a single-use. Think about how many plastic bags you get to your home every week, and how that adds up in your kitchen. Every plastic bag adds up to a lot of waste, by using reusable produce bags you as an individual can greatly reduce the waste you produce with plastic. This means less plastic in our landfills and oceans. You can refuse to take plastic bags from the stores, and take your own reusable produce bags. You can be one who is really trying to make a difference for our environment. If you are looking for the best reusable bag, then choose cotton mesh produce bags.

Keep Food Fresh

After some time, plastic bags can suffocate your food, and spread toxic chemicals into the food. Carrying your food in plastic bags means the plastic will rub against the food that later you have to consume. The micro-plastics will result in the release of some toxic chemicals that aren’t good for us or the environment. Therefore, storing the vegetable in plastic bags isn’t a good deal. Use cotton mesh bags as they can actually help your food to breathe, and keep it fresh for a long time. Your food will both look and taste good in the reusable bag. By choosing reusable produce bags, you can be assured that all of the food you or your children consume is not having any micro-plastics.


As reusable produce bags make your food last longer and you can use it for multiple purposes, it means that they are much cost-effective. While you are buying a large pack of reusable produce bags that is nothing as compared to all of the money in the food you could save.

Cotton Mesh Bags

Reusable mesh bags made from cotton are also proved to be more durable than they look. This is an important benefit for those who make frequent trips to markets. You can just take a cotton mesh bag with you and fill it with everything you need at the market. After buying, transport it to the home without worrying about its breakage.

Many people are having a doubt on why there is so much concern about the environment when we can use strong reusable plastic mesh bags. They may be reusable but they still contain chemicals that are dangerous to the environment. We can say no to the reusable plastic bags when we have a sustainable alternative. Cotton is a natural material that is more sustainable and perfect than plastic and we shouldn’t forget that those plastic bags end up polluting the local environment and contaminating the food chain.

There are plenty of reasons to switch to cotton mesh produce bags. It provides the same functional benefits of mesh bags and is 100% decomposable. It is built to prevent the use of plastics bags that has last longing effects on the environment. This is the most sustainable choice and cotton reusable mesh bags are far more appealing because they offer the following benefits such as:

  • They can be functional as a plastic mesh bag when you are out on a shopping.
  • They are more durable and come with long-lasting properties which plastic mesh bag fails to provide.
  • They are better for the environment in the long run.

Reusable produce bags are the responsible choice for better health of your and of the environment. Your investment in reusable bags is crucial not only for the good living but for healthy, natural living. Reusable produce bags make the food fresh for a longer time, which means that the food won’t spoil before you eat it. Overall, purchasing mesh produce bags is a worthy investment for anyone who is concerned for their own well-being, as well as for the environment.


Facebook is launching Libra in 2020. Here’s what you need know.

Meta: Libra, a global cryptocurrency, announced by Facebook is gaining popularity. This post elaborates on what is Libra and how it works.

In June 2019, Facebook announced that it will launch Libra, a global cryptocurrency that will facilitate peer-to-peer transactions globally. Sounds familiar? It must. Libra can be called a spin-off of Bitcoin – world’s most popular cryptocurrency characterized by a large decentralized network. Libra works on the same principles, but a little a differently.

Similarly, a range of blockchain currency are circulating in the market – Ethereum, Litcoin, Tether, etc. All are cryptocurrencies, however, different in the way they operate. Libra uses an innovative approach for transactions, taking inspiration from old algorithmic techniques.

Blockchain industry has given the world smart contracts, cryptocurrencies, and more to make processes more streamlined efficient, and make life more convenient. Bitcoin has set a precedent for the upcoming technologies. Today Bitcoin is held by 2.5 million people, while Facebook plans to push Libra to 2 billion people (according to Libra Whitepaper). To achieve this goal, Facebook has built Libra from scratch, abandoning Bitcoin and its underlying technology. Libra has five essential properties –

  1. It is built on a secure, scalable, and reliable blockchain
  2. It is a stablecoin, backed by a reserve of assets.
  3. It is governed by the independent Libra Association.
  4. It uses the LibraBFT consensus mechanism.

Driving the future economy with Libra

With the above characteristics, Facebook has created a global cryptocurrency. Bitcoin was limited in terms of scalability which defeats the goal of reaching to 2 billion people (mostly Facebook users). Building a blockchain from scratch (as is the case with Libra) offers scalability that Bitcoin couldn’t have matched.

Libra will work as a digital currency on a wide network overseen by Libra Association. This also means all decisions related to Libra will be taken under the scrutiny of the said organization. In all matters of concern, final decision making will lie with the association. However, Facebook will be a part of it.

Libra Association is a network of businesses participating in the creation and monitoring of Libra. The association consists of world’s leading companies including Uber, Stripe, Ebay, Spotify, Lyft, Coinbase, PayPal, PayU, Visa, Vodafone Group among others. This is an independent body that will also control the value of Libra to an extent. The association could be easily called the master of the blockchain industry.

Each participating company of the association has paid $10 million for the development of Libra. The value of Libra will be derived from an asset reserve that will include hard cash, stocks, and more. The interest on this asset reserve will be used to run Libra independently and pay for the dividend of the participating parties.

Bringing more transparency to finance

Libra will be a stable coin. This means its value will not fluctuate like Bitcoin. Moreover, Libra will be a fiat-collateralized currency, meaning its value will depend on exchange of hard currency like hard cash, gold, or any hard currency kept in store.

1. Bitcoin works on proof-of-work mechanism to verify authenticity of transactions, while Libra will use LibraBFT mechanism to authenticate transactions.
2. Calibra, a digital wallet will be used to send and receive Libra. Users can convert Libra into dollars and vice-versa using Calibra on their smart phones.
3. Libra will be permission less.

Bitcoin and Ethereum are two popular blockchains. Both these blockchains require permission to operate. After buying ACIS, anyone can be a part of these two blockchains. However, to be a part of Ripple (another popular blockchain) only selected banks and institutions can be part of it.

Libra will start as a permissioned blockchain. Later, however, it will become a more streamlined permission less network.

Solution for unbanked people

Every upcoming technology promises to solve a major problem and make life more convenient. Libra is truly a technology which wishes to solve problems for unbanked people. According to McKinsey report, 437 million South East Asian people don’t have a bank account. Reaching this population can increase economic contribution from $11 to $17 billion. India, target market for Libra, has over 190 million unbanked populations. Using Libra will solve this problem.

All in all, Libra wouldn’t be another cryptocurrency and a source for investment. It will solve a real problem.

Xamarin Mobile App Development

Why Use Xamarin Mobile App Development?

The Internet is a fantastic thing that allows users to connect with each other and find out any information easily with just a few taps. This computing device is now gone to a new level with the introduction of mobile phones in the market. However, the technology stack is still the talk of the town that increases the debate in the developers.

Some prefer .NET as their main language whereas others love Xamarin due to the code base and expertise. However, Xamarin developers are in high demand with time that is influencing service integrations and polished tools.

This usually doesn’t leave much ground to compare Xamarin with others but there are other platforms that have their own sets of advantages for the development world. So, let us explain to you why developers prefer the Xamarin technology stack for mobile app development.

Why Use Xamarin For Cross-Platform App Development?

  1. Code Reusability –

    Xamarin follows the single C# code base that can be shared with others easily. There is no need to write multiple codes for different platforms that make it easy for developers. The single code base can work smoothly with others in the Windows, Android, iOS, and other platforms.

  2. Cost-Efficiency –

    There is no point in writing multiple codes for the same native app to launch it over different platforms. It doesn’t showcase any of the equivalent results while investing a number of hours in the built. Hence, the app development company prefers Xamarin to not only save time but also the cost. Around 70 to 80% of the code can be used for the cross-platform to perform, function, and render native UX.

  3. Smartwatch Apps –

    Are you a fan of smartwatches? Well, now wonder the craze of smartwatch among your target audience that will make you run for the smartwatch app now. Xamarin can make the C# code to easily run the app on the wrist with the help of iOS Apple Watch apps with Windows and for Mac – Visual Studio. Not only this, but Android Wear is also included in the long list of Xamarin benefits.

  4. Xamarin.Forms –

    Xamarin.Forms are used to design the whole UI of the apps. In order to get the best UI/UX, Xamarin.Forms are used that will prepare UI and save time a lot.

  5. Native Application Programming interfaces (APIs) –

    The Native APIs can be easily accessed easily by the Xamarin experts over all the platforms. It is a great way to save efforts and time for developers to have a successful launch in the market.

  6. More Than Mobile App Development –

    It is a myth that Xamarin is limited to mobile app development. It is much more than just the mobile app development including Mac apps, Wearable apps, Scenekit/Metal/SpriteKit games, OpenGL games, and TvOs apps.

  7. Maintenance –

    It is one of the major concerns of the clients or business owners that have an app in the market. Especially if the app is running over a cross-platform framework then it can be extremely frustrating. However. Xamarin is a user-friendly platform that helps in updates and maintenance of the app. It is easy to make changes in the source file and then deploy it. This can be done over all the platforms easily without any hitches or different code changes and deployment.

Why Xamarin Is So Popular?

There are so many aspects that make Xamarin an ideal platform for developers. It solves a lot of issues of Windows, iOS, and Android while enhancing the performance and quality of the app. Not only this, there are several elements that make Xamarin an ideal choice for the Android and iOS apps.

  1. Mono.NET Framework –

    One can easily access Microsoft .NET framework extensive features implementation while being the part of the cross-platform.

  2. C# Language –

    The sophisticated features and familiar syntax includes the name of Task Parallel Library, LINQ, and Generics Library that makes Xamarin app development easy.

  3. Integrated Development Environment Tools –

    The Windows and Mac projects can easily be created, built, and deployed in the Visual Studios with the help of Xamarin.

  4. Compiler –

    The platform depends upon the native apps that help in producing the native apps. Along with this, the runtime and integrated .NET apps also depend upon Xamarin that can easily optimize the deployment process. The unused code can be linked away in the deployment process.


Undoubtedly, Xamarin is one of the best cross-platform app development that is used due to its powerful and excellent nature. It helps in saving up fractional cost and run, test, and built the app with a single framework.

It is a good reason that makes development companies go for Xamarin to save overall client cost, maintenance, and development time. Along with this, UI/UX is just an added benefit to getting a top-notch product.

Java or Python

Which language is best for a career, Java or Python?

In the technologically supportive modern and digital world, Java and Python programming languages are becoming the crucial rivals of each other. A few decades ago, the Java programming framework competing with the C++ language on large scale, but when python introduced it in the software development field then java found its new rival. Nowadays, there is a number of industries and professions, where both Java and Python are competing with each other. Most of the computer science engineers are struggling while selecting the programming language between Java and Python. In order to resolve the diplomacy between both languages, this blog provides some of the evidential facts that elaborate on which language is better and why. In fact, in this blog post, we are going to share the best comparison factors that illustrate better aspects of both languages. In order to evaluate which language is best for the career and why let’s have succinct information of Java and Python. If you are looking for Python Interview Questions then you can visit by given link. This will help you to crack your future interviews.

Overview of Java and Python

1.Java programming language properties

Java is widely and most frequently used programming language in the world and it is termed as dynamically typed general-purpose language. This programming framework runs almost 3 million devices worldwide. The main specialty of Java is its compatibility factor, as it is compatible with every OS (Operating System) which involves Mac OS, Windows, and Linux. Even, Java framework uses JVM (Java Virtual Machine) to run or execute the program on any platform. Besides, this programming language offers a lot of features to users like security, sophistication, multithreading, dynamism, and robustness, etc.

2.Python programming language properties

On the other hand, when we talk about Python, this is the most powerful object-oriented programming language. Python is termed as all in one programming language because it offered a wider range of functionalities to the users. It has all the features of Java, but when the concept of big data comes into play, Python got a boom in the contemporary world and has become one of the highly demanding and preferring programming languages. The keywords which have been used in the Python are simple that enable the users to write program easily.

3.Market trend: Java and Python

In the contemporary world, most of the users are preferring Python as compared to Java because Python is one of the programming frameworks that support all the emerging technologies seamlessly. Moreover, Python uses an interpreter for the purpose of translating the source code into the (.pyc) bytecode. Python is far better and superior then Java in every feature. Thus, from our point of view, the Python framework is a clear winner between Java and Python. By analysis of the market trend, it has been examined that most of the users are preferring Python over Java framework.

Java Vs Python

4.Performance: Java Vs Python

Java is faster in speed as compared to Python in the context of performance, as Java is using JVM that helps java platform to run programs faster on any platform. If the speed is one of the critical factors for the project then Java language is better to use. On the other hand, Python is a slow programming language because it analyses the data types during the run time execution. Thus, users want to speed up the performance of the program, then they should need to use the Java language instead of Python. We have a collection of Java Interview Questions that will help you to crack your interviews.

Java Vs Python

5.Popularity: Java Vs Python

Python is foremost popular than Java because it is facilitating a number of latest features and it is also interoperable with the emerging technologies such as machine learning, AI (Artificial Intelligence), AR (Augmented Reality), Big data analytics. Even, the syntax of Python is very much simpler as compared to Java. Thus, all these features impel the Python is a famous and most highly used programming framework in today’s scenario.

Java Vs Python


In the blog, we have seen in-depth information about the Java and Python programming language. It might be clear in your mind that Java and Python both the language are used according to the needs of the customers. Moreover, both languages are having a number of resemblant factors. Overall, it has been concluded from the above information that python is better than java for the career because it is highly compatible with the emerging technologies.

Best Portable Projectors

Best Portable Projectors

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Do you want to a small individual cinema or you frequently travel for work and need to keep a compact yet portable projector for your business needs? Or do you wish to organize a family film night, whatever the purpose is, you will need a versatile portable projector.

In case you’re searching for the best compact projectors that you can purchase in 2019, then you have come to the right place. We have researched and listed down and top three best portable projectors that are perfect for commercial as well as home use.

Every one of the gadgets on this rundown is the best compact projectors and are perfect for individuals who frequently travel for work. In case you’re regularly visiting clients and partners and need to convey presentations, the best compact yet portable projectors will enable you to rapidly and effectively set up your presentation within seconds.

Lately, projectors are advancing amazingly. Gone are the days where you expected to purchase something up to a log and as overwhelming as a vehicle battery for tolerable picture quality. Presently, you can get a light but then profoundly successful compact projector for any commercial or individual venture you may have.

The best part is that you never again need to drop a few thousand dollars for a quality picture either. Despite that, with all the diverse conveniently portable projectors now available in the market, which ones suit you the best according to your requirements.

Anker Nebula Capsule

Home film doesn’t get more convenient than the Anker Nebula Capsule. Certainly, you can purchase a cell phone estimated projector, yet this one gives you a generally brilliant 480p picture, regardless of its 100 ANSI Lumens throughput, and you get great implicit sound for sure. Anker makes its own little Bluetooth speakers, and we presume similar drivers and innovation are utilized here. Subsequently, you get genuinely persuading 360-degree sound with more space and a spot of blast and thunder, in spite of the fact that contortion sneaks in as you push up the volume.

You can associate a gushing stick through the HDMI port, yet the Nebula Capsule has its own worked in media player running on Android 7.1. This isn’t as quite a bit of an or more point as you may expect; there’s no Google Play store and no authority applications for Amazon Prime or Netflix, leaving you to explore the program based applications utilizing a virtual trackpad on Anker’s associated cell phone application. In addition, picture quality isn’t as great on the worked in Netflix for what it’s worth on Netflix running from a Roku Streaming Stick. So, the auto-key stoning and center apparatuses make it simple to get the best picture and you can introduce different applications from Anker’s own application store.

As far as picture quality, the Anker falls a little behind the ViewSonic. While extremely fresh, it’s not as splendid and the color shades aren’t exactly as rich. In confinement, however, it’s entirely watchable in dull conditions, and there’s no simpler projector to drag around and haul out at whatever point you can discover existence to set-up a screen. Is it the best portable projector? No, however it’s an awesome mechanism for amusements, TV and motion pictures.

LG Minibeam PH550G – The best HD portable projector

LG has a decent scope of compact projectors, covering everything from small, scratch and dent section 480p models to moderately top of the line 1080p projectors that do genuine home film. Apparently, the PH550G gives you 720p HD pictures as huge as 100in, at a reasonable value.

It’s exceptionally minimal – generally the size of a mid-length hardback book, and it accompanies a convenient slipcase to ensure it when you’re trucking it around. Also, it’s genuinely easy to use. It nonetheless have all the typical attachments as well as for having remote screen casting and backing for Bluetooth earphones. There’s even a change in accordance with keep the sound in a state of harmony.

The LG is somewhat noisier than the Anker and ViewSonic projectors, yet nothing you can’t muffle with the sound went up to ordinary listening levels, and it’s justified, despite all the trouble on the grounds that the more splendid picture and higher goals make for something more like a decent home film. Color grading aren’t exactly as profound or energetic as you’d anticipate from a greater, more splendid and less versatile projector, yet they’re entirely great, and it’s extraordinary for watching movies out on a Saturday night, setting up the wide screen and getting a charge out of a blockbuster film. There’s even help for 3D glasses, while its auto-cornerstone highlights are first class.

PIF6 Cube LED Projector

This is a great portable projector that can even fit in your palm, so, you can take it anywhere you go. It also comes with a tripod stand, and you can connect it to a camera tripod while on the go. The battery life it offers is about 90 minutes, however, for this size, its battery timing must not be complained. Furthermore, you can also plug it into a power outlet with the micro USB connection.

Brightness is not a strong point with the projector at just 50 lumens, so you will need to use this in an almost entirely darkened room.

The PIF6 cube LED does have a micro HDMI cable connection, as well as micro SD slot for inserting memory USBs in it. That is how it is great to take it with you anywhere you go, including on a vacation to look over pictures or videos you clicked, or even on any business trip you take.

Despite its size, it is specifically built for travel, you will feel how structurally sound it is and weighs 1.8 pounds, making it one of the best cheap portable projectors under 100 dollars.

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Moment Pin Mockup

The Tech Baby Book

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Most millennials and even baby boomers might have their baby book. And why wouldn’t they? Baby books were the newest thing for their parents. Recording every ‘first’ of babies was the newest thing back then. In the modern world, everything is digitized.

Of course, parents take pictures of their parents these days (meaning?). However, there are so many different apps that make for a great virtual photo album. Let us look at a few of them.


Momentpin is not exactly a baby book kind of app, but the features make it usable in that sense. The app allows the posting of pictures and data so that it reaches only the selected people. The selected people may comment, like, and even share them in their circle. The timeline feature allows the memories to be stored chronologically. A unique feature that this app has is that all the data is saved into the child account. The created account and all its information will revert to the child in the future when it is age appropriate.

Momentpin is quite a user-friendly app. This app allows people to connect to people that they love and trust. The child account feature creates a full life timeline of the child and is forever.

Peekaboo Moments

Peekaboo moments is the perfect app for new parents. It is an amazing way to store your child’s memories in a digital and safe platform. The app allows users to store voice notes, videos, pictures, and all other kinds of media forever. Users have the option to make groups to share it with family and friends only. A unique feature that you will find in this app is that you can write a letter. Simply date it to the future and write a letter to your baby. The app also allows users to track weight, height, vaccination schedules, and doctors’ appointments.

Overall, this app is a digitized version of baby books. It has everything including safety features.

23 snaps

23 Snaps is a private photo sharing app. The app mimics the traditional baby photo books to make it more suitable to the modern world. This app allows families to keep tabs on the baby moments even when they are miles apart. The app is very user-friendly. This feature is so that even grandparents and fewer tech people can enjoy the pictures.

One of the best things about this app is that it is user-friendly. This feature is highly needed for apps of this sort so that even the least tech-savvy people can enjoy pictures. However, ‘23 snaps’ has a paid version that is better.


If there had to be a winner amongst all these apps, then it would be Momentpin. It is the best of both worlds. It is a social media which can be started at a young age by the parents. The app is perfect to gradually let the child in the virtual world. Eventually, the child will always be safe because only selected people will be able to view their presence on social media.