The Top Cybersecurity Threats to Know About

With countless headlines circulating in the media about cybersecurity and potential threats, most people have learned about the importance of taking the right steps to ensure protection and security. However, there are still issues popping up across the country every day.

In fact, it is expected that cyber-crimes will exceed the $6 trillion mark by the year 2021. While that is a significant number, it is really no surprise if you follow the latest news about cybersecurity and cyber-crimes.

If you are ready to find an alternative career path that will provide good job security for the foreseeable future, enrolling in an online program for cybersecurity is a smart move. Learning about some of the most prevalent threats present today can also help you secure your personal information and data.


A deepfake occurs if when artificial intelligence technology creates fake sounds and images that look real. Some examples of deepfakes include a video where the words said by a politician are manipulated or when a popular actor’s face is superimposed on someone else’s body.

Cyberattacks Powered by AI

Artificial intelligence is powerful. It is an innovative technology that makes many things possible. With AI, hackers, and other nefarious individuals will create programs to mimic well-known human behaviors. The programs designed are then used to trick victims into giving up their financial or personal information. Preventing these types of hacks is a top priority for those in information system careers.

5G Related Cybersecurity Threats

Many tech experts are worried that 5G is going to create new and more challenging cybersecurity issues for governments and businesses. In fact, according to a study from 2019 called Risky business, those who responded to the survey were concerned that 5G technology would increase the risk of cyberattacks on IoT networks. There was also a concern related to limited security in 5G firmware and hardware. Enrolling in an online program will help ensure a person is fully aware of the threats present.

Cloud Jacking

Cloud Jacking is a type of cyberattack where hackers will infiltrate the systems and programs of businesses that are stored in the cloud. These resources are then used for mining cryptocurrency.

Issues Related to Election Security

The U.S. government is fearful that hackers from another country may attempt to target the voter registration databases on a local, state, and national level. The intent would be to disrupt or destroy the information. In the long run, this may prevent the people from being able to have their vote count.

Cybersecurity Issues and Preventing Them

When it comes to cybersecurity issues, there is an array of problems that may occur. Knowing what these issues are is the best way to ensure that the proper steps are taken to prevent them. Having the knowledge and ability to prevent serious security threats to modern technology is something that will grow in demand as the years pass and as more devices enter mainstream life. Keep this in mind to know how to stay protected, regardless of the threats that are lurking.

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