When It’s Time to Hire a Security Guard for Your Business

If you operate a small business, then you understand security is important. Having a well-maintained staff and the right security measures helps keep your business, you, your employees, your products, and your equipment all safe from harm. If you have experienced issues with security, then it might be time to hire a security guard service.

Here are the reasons why you might need to hire a security guard.

Rising Crime Rate

If your business is currently located in a dangerous neighbourhood or city, then it might be time to hire security services in Adelaide. Even if the city is safe, you still might want to consider hiring a security company if the crime rate is up in your area. While locks and cameras do help, they’re not foolproof.

Skilled thieves can still easily break in, steal products and data, and cause mischief. Having a security guard at the business helps deter potential thieves, which helps keep your building and everything in it safe. If someone does attempt to enter, the security guard can stop and detain a thief until the authorities arrive at the scene.

Frequent Vandalism and Trespassing

Vandalism and trespassing are two of the things that business owners commonly have to handle. While they are annoying, they are usually infrequent and won’t cause much damage. However, if there is a pattern or more frequent trespassing and vandalism, then it might be time to hire a security company. An armed guard outside of a building will deter potential trespassers. Guards are also able to stop and detain anyone who is performing vandalism until the authorities arrive at the scene.

Increase in Theft

Theft is a large problem for businesses. Employees and outside thieves are capable of stealing from your business and costing you money. While it might not seem like an employee would be capable of stealing from you, the ugly truth is that they can, and some of them do. In fact, employee theft costs businesses millions of dollars a year.

If you suspect an employee is stealing, a security guard can be helpful. The guard can monitor your employees while they’re at work and alert you of any suspicious activity. They can also alert you of any suspicious activity with customers or clients. If they can see someone stealing, they are allowed to detain the person.

Sensitive Data Is Onsite

Finally, you should consider hiring a security guard if your business has sensitive data. While an anti-virus programme helps keep hackers away, it won’t do anything about the common thief. Fortunately, guards can stand outside a server or computer room and protect the data inside. They can also protect physical files, too.

Owning a business means you need to protect it in order for it to thrive. If you believe your business is at risk or there are security issues, then it might be time to hire a security company to guard your business. Use these signs to tell you if it’s time.

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