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GOP Leaders Scared Of Trump

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Mitch McConnell told the senate candidates that are running to be reelected that even if Trump wins the GOP nomination that they can still run ads.

Senators that took part in the private lunches that were with the majority leader should be warned that Donald Trump is likely to lose and they should prepare for Hillary Clinton to win.

McConnell won’t give trump any slack and he’s been telling the senators this:

  • He told them that they could run negative ads on Mr. trump to assure that he won’t become president and to put a space between him and the other candidates running for re election. He also told them to vote for Hillary just in case.
  • He reminded that he won easily in 1996 against Bill Clinton and that they can dump Trump very fast

A lot of GOP leaders are against trump and are scared of him running.

They say that Trumps nomination can destroy many other peoples chances of winning in November.

Charles G. and David H. Koch, two billionaires, stated at their private meeting that Trumps record was insane and some donors were wasting money. People are scared trump cannot be stopped. Ted Cruz also suggests he has relations towards the mafia.