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5 Top Dinner Shows in Vegas

5 Top Dinner Shows in Vegas

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Prepare yourself for a wonderful evening of food and fun in Sin City!

For a timeless evening out in Las Vegas, nothing beats dinner as well as a show, particularly when your dish comes with real-time home entertainment.

Enjoy a tasty dinner while you watch a vibrant jousting tournament, laugh aloud to a murder mystery or even be spellbinded by the magic of Cirque du Soleil. Acquire tickets to these 5 outstanding supper receives Sin City!

Tournament of Kings

Adventure back in time to the famous Middle Ages inside the Excalibur Arena. Cheer on endure knights on horseback during the course of an impressive jousting tournament as you enjoy a three-course feast.

The mouthwatering Cornish video game chicken is fit for a master or queen. Tournament of Kings provides you a chair right at the Round Table in King Arthur’s Court. Buy tickets to Tournament of Kings

V – The Ultimate Variety Show

Are you trying to find an ultimate night out in Sin City? This all-ages show at Planet Hollywood possesses every thing from acrobats to funny.

Melinda the First Lady of Magic will definitely stagger you along with popular illusions and a death-defying duo shows off their harmonizing abilities.

Your supper show ends with a very funny upright shuck and jive that’ll maintain you laughing on your back to the Strip. Buy tickets to V – The Ultimate Variety Show

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Marriage Can Be Murder

Dine on a three-course meal while you see a prize-winning show that blends humor with a touch of enigma.

Any individual around the desk could be a suspect, as well as you’ll be actually thinking that did it until your incredibly last snack of treat. Learn why Marriage Can Be Murder is actually the longest-running supper show in Nevada! Buy tickets to Marriage Can Be Murder

Beatleshow Orchestra

This is your opportunity to view a Beatles show right on the Strip. This vivacious band of Fab Four impersonators can belt out chart-toppers like “Twist and also Shout,” “Yesterday” and also “Hey Jude.” As you perform along to your preferred smash hits, eat on your option of scrumptious Italian noodles or Brazilian steakhouse food. Buy tickets to Beatleshow Orchestra

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Mystère – Cirque du Soleil

Go into the wonderful world of Cirque du Soleil for a captivating evening of artists as well as theatrical delights. The show combines funny bodily humor with stunning trapeze virtuosity.

Update your experience along with an outstanding snack bar, Mexican food coming from Senor Frog’s, or timeless food coming from Gilley’s. Buy tickets to Mystère by Cirque du Soleil

CVPS Self Parking Kiosk's

Understand Parking Innovations Such As CVPS Self Parking Kiosk’s

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Traffic congestion and parking are the main reasons for stress for drivers, employers, merchants and people from all across the globe.

That is the main reason why it is essential to implement an efficient parking system that will reduce the possibility of congestion and passive expenses that come with searching for an empty lot.

You should check here for the latest parking regulations you should remember.

The main idea is that you will be able to improve overall visibility for parking enforcement officers as well as drivers, which is the primary source of innovation. For instance, the implementation of IoT is not the only thing we will get.

The idea is for organizations to become adaptive, intelligent, and agile along the way. Since everything around us is becoming smart and connected with other devices that we commonly use, it is simple to understand why smart parking is the future and perfect innovation.

Most of them feature sensors in the ground as well as cameras on building structures or light poles, with the idea to determine whether a specific lot is available or occupied.

You will receive this particular data wirelessly by using mobile app, which will provide you real-time information.

Why Is Parking Innovation Implemented Slower Than Expected?

If you wish to thoroughly understand the innovations that will happen with the implementation of smart parking, we have to start with the issues as well as parking problems that we are facing.

For drivers, parking is the worst thing possible, but it is a necessary evil that usually leads to lost time, money and stress. That is the main reason why some drivers that reside in urban areas decide to choose alternative transportation options including ride-sharing, bus or bikes.

At the same time, parking enforcement agencies and officers are considered as bad people for handling their daily activities. However, according to statistics, only 5% of parking violations are cited, which is a low number when compared with the other side.

Therefore, parking control agencies have to think about their methods, because if they increase enforcement, the perception will be affected and local businesses will complain as a result.

Both small and large businesses depend on the right location, so if the parking is challenging to find or limited, they will not be able to reach as many customers as they need to survive and expand.

That is why you should understand more about CVPS Self Parking Kiosk’s, because they represent the future of this particular industry.

These frustrations are not associated only for drivers, but to employers and employees that may get late due to these issues. If you live in urban and overpopulated areas, parking is a continuous issue, especially for people that drive daily.

Since cities depend on fees and tax revenue to upgrade the support services for businesses and residents, they have to balance citation enforcement and parking revenues while avoiding alienating companies, visitors and drivers.

If you enforce high parking fees and strict enforcement, that will cause shareholders to choose some other place, which will ultimately affect the tax revenue.

Potential Advancements That We Can Expect

When it comes to an understanding of all innovations that may happen within this particular industry, everything depends on the collected data and the comprehensive analysis.

1.     Mobile Meter Time Extension

There is no human being that will not dislike the idea of paying parking tickets. This could lead to a negative experience in general. However, we can expect that the parking meter will notify the driver that his/her time is expiring soon.

At the same time, the ability to extend the time over the phone is another important consideration that we would get with the implementation of smart parking solutions. It is vital to check out this link: to understand the parking regulations.

Imagine that you are at a local store, and you wish to pay for 15 minutes extension. You have to pick up the phone and do it effortlessly. This particular solution will result in a positive experience for the driver, as well as for the merchant that would lose customers instead.

It would increase the chances for a driver to return to a specific merchant, and conduct more business as a result.

Simultaneously, the city will get more parking revenues due to remote payment possibilities, which will increase overall revenue when compared with the current situation.

2.     High Priority Enforcement

You probably know that not all parking violations are the same. We can expect that smart solutions can quickly identify violators that are posing safety risks to other drivers, which can lead to a cleaner situation in general.

For instance, if the car is parked in a red zone, handicapped space, or bus stops, that is much more problematic than other vehicles that past the time limit.

Therefore, by implementing targeted enforcement that will allow parking control officers to clear problematic disruptions before they lead to severe issues.

3.     Transformation of Parking Enforcement Officers

Since they will know the exact situation of parking conditions that happen in the city they operate, they will become more efficient than before. Finally, they do not have to circle, and they can go precisely to a vehicle that violated the parking regulations.

They can also combine this particular knowledge to help others find open lots, which will reduce the local traffic congestion as well as driver frustration.

4.     Parking Incentives

Imagine a merchant that wants to reach more customers by offsetting their parking costs for the time they spent inside his shop.

This is a perfect program that they can adopt which is highly similar to garage parking programs, but in this case, they will be applied to metered street parking.

For instance, the merchant would like to create parking promotions to reach more customers than before, and this will allow them to come anytime they want and avoid paying parking eyes.

The increased number of visitors will allow businesses to increase their revenue, which will provide a city with a possibility to increase parking revenues in the long run.

The best way to learn about overall parking revenues in the USA is by checking here.

Cities can also develop ways to funnel a portion of increased revenues to local improvement projects and other infrastructure projects that will improve the wellbeings of residents and visitors.

Even though the implementation of smart technologies in parking industries has already started, we can only expect that it will improve as time goes by. However, by reading this article, you will know what the future holds for drivers.


Board Exam Preparation Using Syllabus From CBSE Mathematics Class 10

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Board exam definitely turns out to be important with time which students wait for at all times. They need the perfect score in these exams. This is why all they stay concerned about is directly related to studies. There are subjects that need to be prepared in the right way as it would bring more scores every time. Cbse mathematics class 10 syllabus for class 10 is diverse. It is filled with separate segments of mathematics. All of those are equally interesting which is why every single person intends to know about it. This phase of preparation is going to be actually good for the students itself. There are going to be chances of getting a perfect score.

Presence Of Maths As An Important Subject In Boards Exam

Students should always pay attention to the choices they are making. They need to keep up with the subjects which are important. All the important subjects include those which require proper practice but are eventually going to give out the best results. Mathematics is one of the necessary choices when it comes to selecting specific subjects. It can ultimately offer the best scores. Mathematics is definitely one subject which can make a candidate score better in aggregate. Since the aggregate matters the most considering the results of boards in future one must try cbse class 10th maths question papers.

There is the possibility of getting good scores if one person takes the ideas of mathematics seriously. Mathematics is one of the subjects where students intend to get full marks. Getting full marks is possible once people start understanding all about the subject. They need to practice more worksheets with time so that they have a clear idea of all the chapters. Getting full marks here escalates the chances of getting a better aggregate score. Higher boards aggregate is always helpful for further studies in fetching better institutes.

Students have ample time to prepare themselves when it comes to making way for the proper idea of mathematics. This subject should be prepared in such a way that students finally get to understand the algorithm. This will help them further excel with cbse class 10th maths question papers in their solving skills. Problem-solving requires a stepwise process through which answers can be attained. This is why taking the right decision is all that it takes when a person is solving mathematics. All the subjects can never be prepared in a similar manner.

Mathematics preparation starts from the worksheets itself and more students are going to know about possibilities. The preparation phase starts with trying out all the possible ways in which cbse mathematics class 10 students address mathematics. Problem-solving skills have forever been a part of the analytical quotient. This is going to help the students pursue further education in different fields. These things are definitely part of the studying process through which answers of mathematics can be attained.


Taking ultimate decisions about finding the right ways to understand mathematics will help eventually. Thus all the class 10 students are definitely going to get things they look forward to.

Repair your car

Repair your car at affordable rates

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Buying a car is dream come true for many. A car is generally a very expensive piece of machinery and thus when a person buys it he treats it like his most prized possession. However, to ensure that your expenses do not rise gradually after buying the car you need to make sure that you are servicing it regularly. Without regular servicing your car just might malfunction one fine day and it will cost you a lot of money to get it repaired. With regular servicing you will come to know of any minor damage at an early stage and will be able to take care of it. Naturally it will cost you far less than a full repair. That is why it important to find affordable car repair services in your area to ensure a good maintenance of your car.

If you are someone who remains busy for the most part of the day then it might prove to be difficult for you to regularly visit a car servicing shop and get your car serviced. In order to relieve you from this problem there is now the option of online car repairing services. In this method you will have to book an appointment with the company you want to get your car serviced from. The booking can be done online by visiting the company’s website. Once the booking is complete you can relax as the company professionals will reach your home on the date you have provided. They will service your care right at your door step and leave when everything is done. In this way you do not have to move from your house and yet your car is also serviced at the same time. Due to such great facilities more and more people are now opting for online car repairing services.

However, you need to keep a few things in mind before you select a company to get your care serviced from. Given the fact that you car is one of your most prized possessions you cannot simply trust any company with it. That is why you need to do a good market research and then only select a company. In order to ensure that you find the best company you need to prepare a list of companies operating in your area. Thereafter, you need to compare these companies among themselves in terms of their experience, years of expertise and quality of professionals. In this way you will find a company that will stand out from the rest and will best suit your needs. Make sure to check its online ratings and reviews once before finally hiring it.

If you are looking for classic car repairs then you can easily get in touch with the company named Pitstop. This is a well experienced company that offers online car repairing services at affordable rates. You can also get an instant quote on your car by simply filling out a form that is available on the company website.

Baby Thermals

The Essential Qualities Of Baby Thermals: Ensuring Warmth With Utmost Coziness

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Thermals are considered to be an important piece of clothing when the winter season arrives. The long chilly nights can be survived with the use of thermals that keeps the body warm and comfortable at the same time. Especially for newborn babies, the winter months can be pretty harsh on their skin and therefore, adequate clothing is required to keep them cozy all the time. Getting hold of the perfect thermal for babies is absolutely required so that the babies can have a comfortable sleep all the time. A thermal can be worn beneath the clothing as well so as to provide extra comfort. Thereby, there are some essential criteria’s that must be kept in mind before buying baby thermals. Some of them are as follows:

  • See the size of the baby thermals-

Thermals for babies come in various shapes. There are thermals available for newborn babies and as well as for toddlers, aging between 1 to 3. The size of the thermal really matters for the babies as they grow significantly. Therefore, the thermal shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. Loose thermals can make the baby trip and fall and thus, in order to avoid all sorts of uncomfortable situations, the size must be checked thoroughly.

  • Check the quality of the thermal-

The quality of the thermal is utmost important especially when it is being bought for babies. While purchasing one, it is appreciated to go for soft wool so that the skin doesn’t hurt. Since some thermals cause rashes because of the poor quality of the material, it is advised to check the quality before laying hands on the baby’s thermals.

  • Buy skin breathable thermals-

Skin breathable thermals are considered to be very important for the babies as their skin is 60% more sensitive than adults. If the thermals somewhat choke their skin, then the ultimate result would be skin issues that would take time to heal. Thereby, going for fabrics that are actually skin friendly and highly breathable is best for the babies.

Looking into men’s thermal wear:

While looking to purchase men’s thermal wear, it is utmost necessary to check the fabric quality so that it can easily bring in the warmth that is required. Along with that, thermal wear for men come in various shapes and sizes and it is essential to see the size as some men might have broad shoulders, resulting in size difference of the thermals. However, while choosing to opt for thermals at the store, go for loose ones, as it provides extra comfort and even lasts for longer periods.

Thermal wear for men usually comes in three colors and anyone can be opted according to the requirements. Depending upon the quality of the fabric, the price of thermal is brought to the scene, and investing in a good thermal is considered to be the best option to be opted for. Therefore, look for thermals that keep up to the quality and price at the same time.

Embarazada relajada en la tina de bañera de un spa con velas.

Is it safe to use Sauna during pregnancy?

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For many expectant women, sitting in a sauna room sounds like a great way to ease her muscle aches related to pregnancy. It is important to use caution during pregnancy especially when choosing a sauna for relaxation or pain relief. Saunas can resulted hyperthermia that is nothing but an abnormally high body temperature.Constant and extreme heat are the main concerns with using a sauna while pregnant. While this heat may be relaxing as well as feel good too, but it may not be safe for one’s baby-to-be. When babies are in womb, they have no control over regulating their body temperature. This means that they can’t tolerate the over heat of a sauna.


According to the Organization of Teratology Information Services or OTIS, a human body temperature of 101º F and above can raise concerns while pregnant. Some research has shown an increased risk of birth defects in babies of mother who had an increased body temperature during her first trimester of pregnancy.The American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists or ACOGalso suggested that becoming overheated in a sauna is not good at all during pregnancy. There are various kinds of saunas, and every sauna is programmed to maintain a different humidity leveland temperature. Before going to use a sauna during pregnancy, it is best to ask the advice of own health care provider.

Feeling faint

In generally if anybody overheat, more blood flows close to his/her skin to help cool their body by sweating. This means there’s less blood flow to internal organs, like his/her brain. If we don’t get enough blood and oxygen to our brain, it can make us feel faint.When anyone is pregnant, the hormonal changes in her body can make her feel faint more often. She therefore may want to avoid situations where she could get too hot.If a pregnant woman is using a sauna pregnancy first trimester, the temperature shouldn’t be above 35C or 95F. Some hot tubs can be as hot as 40C or 104F, so it’s recommended to avoid them.


If one’s doctor approves her using a hot tub occasionally during pregnancy, she should take some important precautions which includes:

  • don’t stay in it for more than 10 minutes
  • don’t use a hot tub daily or even frequently
  • don’t sit near the jets where from the hot water is pouring into the hot tub
  • get out of the hot tub immediately if a pregnant woman starts to feel faint or nauseous

Alternative of Sauna

Pregnancy can also be quite uncomfortable at sometimes, especially in the last two or mostly last trimester when woman is carrying that much more extra weight. Prenatal massages are a great option then, for some relief, as is prenatal yoga. Getting exercise in a swimming pool will help her stay in shape while getting the weight off her joints. At home, she can also try using warm packs or taking a warm bath. But it is recommended not to go for sauna pregnancy second trimester or later on, before delivery.


Congress Blocked Obama On Climate Change

Most Americans can still remember when Obama accepted the challenge of running for presidential position. His party, the democrats, did not fail in choosing him, as he won the elections and served as president of the United State for two terms.

During his campaign, Obama made promises regarding his aims to heal the planet. However, it seems that two terms are not enough to achieve such goals. Still, the former president should be commended for exerting so much effort.

On the other hand, though Obama attained some of his goals, these achievements are in danger of being banished by Donald Trump.

One of Obama’s achievements during his terms was his campaign on climate change. He appealed to world leaders to take action on the harmful changes that are currently happening in the world. He was supported in his action on controlling greenhouse gas emissions, but his battle ended in the senate.

Obama also approved federal funding for polishing America’s standards in renewables and use of fuel and focused on increasing production of domestic oil and gas production to lower fuel prices.

He worked with Environmental Protection Agency in hunting polluters and committing to a major international climate deal. These things can be considered as two his most prominent legacies, but they are in danger of being laid to waste as the next president of America is very intent of revoking the environmental regulations that Obama implemented.

Remarkably, Obama’s presidency was one of the hottest seasons in world’s history. A small Australian rodent became extinct because of climate change after resettlement of first climate refugees from southeastern Louisiana. Meanwhile, cities from New York to Miami Beach are predicted to be submerged in water in the near future.

According to Bob Inglis, a former Republican congressman and climate change action supporter, the problem in climate change is inevitable, as proven by flooded streets during storms.

In 2007, Obama presented an aggressive energy plan centering on cap-and-trade system. The goal of this system was to cut carbon emission by 80% by 2050. The resulting level was said to be sufficient for scientists take actions in curbing global warming.

The plan will also set limits for carbon emissions, whereas companies will be provided with permits to buy and sell carbon allowances. Known as American Clean Energy and Security Act, the plan was expected to reduce aggregate emissions by 2020.

The legislation reached the House of Representatives in 2009, but it lost the battle because of various issues surrounding the Democrats and Republicans,

Former Colorado governor Bill Ritter thinks that Obama might have focused too much on Affordable Care Act, spending most of his political capital and not leaving some for American Clean Energy and Security Act.

On the other hand, some people think that Obama was too safe and never provided Republicans with enough opportunities to work with him in his reform actions. According to Inglis, Obama should have offered Republicans something in return for their support.

Though he made effort through finding environmental causes and clean energy, cap and trade did progress, and that was considered a loss during Obama’s first term. However, he promised to redeem himself when he run for a second term.

As he continued his battling climate change, Obama used executive action as beacon.

There were to great obstacles in reaching his goals. The first is increase in people who deny the truthfulness of climate change. On the other hand, some countries, such as India and Saudi Arabia, are worrying about the impacts on their economics in case actions against climate change, including fossil fuel, are implemented.

During his first term, Obama focused on implement various policy goals, including promotion of clean energy use in agriculture and carbon sequestration, and increase in energy efficiency of appliances, vehicles, and establishments. He achieved these goals through different federal agencies.

When he won another election, he added more strength in implementation of such strategy.

In 2013, Environmental Protection Agency present the first draft of Clean Power Plan. It was followed by the release of final revision in 2015. The final revision centered on coal-power plants, and it aimed at reduction of emissions by 32% after 25 years starting from 2005.

However, the US Chamber of Commerce and the American Petroleum Institute did not take this well.

Meanwhile, some environmentalist still criticized Obama for allowing drilling in Gulf of Mexico and neglecting the issue on fracking.

Obama also supported expansion of hydraulic fracturing to lessen carbon footprint, though this practice results in large emissions of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. This solicited another bashing from climate change campaigners.

On another matter, it was remarkable that oil production increased in US. In fact, it doubled from under 5 million barrels to 8.7 million barrels in November 2016.


Meanwhile, as the new president of the United States, Trump vows to reverse the regulations implemented by Obama. He can work his way around by not implementing Clean Power Plan and ignoring the Paris agreement.

On the other hand, Trump will find hard time battling Obama’s December 20 drilling moratorium thanks to the 1953 law does not include any clause that may allow other presidents to withdraw. However, the drilling moratorium can be challenged in court.

However, no one is unsure regarding Trump’s intentions, though experts claim that oil industry will surely prosper under his presidency. Meanwhile, it is certain that the economy will not approve all of Trump’s plans. In addition, warriors against climate change can only hope that the Clean Power Plan survives ruling in DC Court of Appeals.


How Christian Is 2017 Congress

In recent years, lesser number of Americans made claims regarding their Christianity. However, people’s representatives are showing otherwise. The number of Christians in 115th Congress does not differ much with that of 87th Congress.

A total of 91% of the members of 115th Congress are Christians; such number is very near the 95% of the 87th Congress. Moreover, among the 293 Republicans seated on the new Congress, only two are non-Christians; they are Jewish.

Members of the Democrats are more varied but 80% of them identify themselves as Christians. Among the 242 Democrats, only 28 are Jews. The remaining small group of non-Christians comprises three Buddhists, three Hindus, and a Unitarian Universalist. Meanwhile, Democratic Representative Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona does not affiliate herself with any religious affiliation, whereas another 10 skipped affiliating themselves with any religious groups.

New members of the House of Representatives are sworn to their duty in January 3, 2017.

Meanwhile, the numbers of Protestants in Congress decreased in number, similar to the trend observed in national data. From the total number of Protestants (75%) in Congress in 1961, the number dropped to 56% at present. On the other hand, the number of Catholics rose to 31% (starting from 19%). At present, the number of Republicans in Congress consists for 67% Protestants and 27% Catholics. Meanwhile, the current members of Democrats comprise 42% Protestants and 37% Catholics.

Research has shown that religious groups, including Protestants, Catholics, and Jews, have more representations in Congress. Meanwhile, in the whole US population, 2% are Jews, of which 6% hold positions in Congress. As for Buddhists, Mormons, Muslims, and Orthodox Christians, their percentage in the general population is almost the same as their percentage in Congress.

Meanwhile, one non-religiously affiliated group is underrepresented. People who consider themselves to have no religion account for 23% of the population, and representatives with such affiliation hold only 2% of Congressional positions.

donald trump

Planned Parenthood De-funded

Before Thanksgiving, Donald Trump sent Marjorie Dannenfelser a voicemail. The message included Trump’s gratitude to the woman and her colleagues for the support that they have given him in the elections. To recall, Dannenfelser is the president of Susan B. Anthony’s List, a group who are against abortion practices. Trump made promises to the group; among these promises was defunding of Planned Parenthood.

Currently, Dannenfelser and other people who are against abortion are gaining the upper hand. Last Thursday, House Speaker Paul Ryan announced that Republicans will withdraw federal funding allotted for Planned Parenthood. They intend to do this by passing a budget bill and repealing the Affordable Care Act.

On the other hand, people supporting Planned Parenthood will not give up without a fight. They claim that abolishing an entire public health care system in the country is not possible, and that people who are opposing them should think about that can happen if people are deprived of the necessary care that they need.

Planned Parenthood is a legislative greatly opposed by people against abortion. If this program is defunded, significant impacts can be expected especially in those who are relying on government-funded health care services. Affiliates of Planned Parenthood received $533 million as government funds in 2014. This money was 40% of their total revenue, which was at that time was $1.3 billion. This government funding was given in form of reimbursements for services administered to patients on public programs, such as Medicaid. The services covered by this funding include STI testing and cervical screening. However, federal funds are prohibited for abortions. Data showed that 75% of the money provided to Planned Parenthood was given as reimbursements through Medicaid.

According to Judith Solomon, vice-president for health policy at Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, there should be alternatives in case that funding for Planned Parenthood is ripped. However, the problem is there are no alternatives at the moment, and this becomes an issue especially in low-income women who are covered by Medicaid.

Republicans have higher chances of repealing Affordable Care Act and defunding Planned Parenthood though Democrats will surely try to stop them. Moreover, Republicans hold a 52-48 majority to the Senate, increasing the possibility of enacting the defunding measure. Two senators, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Susan Collins of Maine, are worried about what lies ahead for Planned Parenthood. Meanwhile, Rand Paul of Kentucky, disapproves repealing of Affordable Care Act if there is no concrete substitute plan in place yet.

SBA are fully intent on giving Democrats headache in their fight for defunding measure. At present, they are pressuring six senators who are expected to run for 2018 election; these senators include Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, Jon Tester of Montana, Sherrod Brown of Ohio, Claire McCaskill of Missouri, Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin, and Bill Nelson of Florida. Last 2010 midterms, SBA list and its allies collaborated in beating Democrats who were against abortion but approved of Affordable Care Act.

In current election, Dannenfelser and her colleagues eyed 1.6 million voters, and their attention was centered on Hispanic areas in Florida and Democratic and independent areas in North Carolina and Ohio. They wanted to identify those who are more inclined to vote against abortion but are not regular voters, new Democrats, Independents, and Hispanics who are easily affected by issue on abortion. They succeeded in re-electing Senators Marco Rubio of Florida, Richard Burr of North Carolina, Rob Portman of Ohio, and Roy Blunt of Missouri, all of which claimed support for their cause against abortion.

Meanwhile, after announcement of defunding of Planned Parenthood, Richards and Hogue went with House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and other members of House’s Pro-Choice Caucus in announcing their opposition. A new campaign was launched by Planned Parenthood Action Fund. Supporters are expected to stand with the campaign’s stand in opposing defunding of Planned Parenthood, and they will be joining various events in many cities across the country in the coming months. After Trump’s inauguration, Richards and Hogue encourage people to join the Women’s March on Washington, where they hope everyone who benefitted from Planned Parenthood will join in their fight.

As specifics regarding this defunding have not been announced yet, impacts on Planned Parenthood and its affiliates remain unclear. It is possible that states or cities will decide on how much of cost services may be reimbursed without using the government’s money. According to Hogue, NARAL has received more donations after the elections, and they are looking for ways to provide “safe zones” to women in order to provide them with their needed services, including preventive health care.

Meanwhile, people who are against abortion are taking advantage of their current situation. Dannenfelser is exerting all efforts to ensure that Jeff Sessions gets the position of attorney general. Their group are also expecting that Trump will keep his promises to appoint a judge who will work on allowing states to outlaw abortion. It also appears that Trump provides his support in their attempt to pass a legislation abolishing most abortion practices after 20 weeks. Anti-abortion people are also keeping an eye on the senators who are up for re-election in 2018, promising that these people will not get their votes should they withdraw their support for anti-abortion programs. Moreover, Dannenfelser and her affiliates are hoping that they can make Hyde amendment a permanent law and reinstatement of Ronald Reagan’s Mexican City policy.

Voting Machines

Voting Machines Vulnerable

In Allentown, Pa., Jill Stein made the news because of her petition to count votes in the state. Unfortunately, a federal judge thwarted her plans on Dec. 12. As candidate of Green Party, Stein already had small chance of discovering fraud or errors in votes because there was really nothing to count in the first place.

Pennsylvania is one of the 11 states that still use antiquated machines during elections. These equipment were purchased online, and printed ballots or paper-based backups are not available for recounting the number of ballots. Thus, people in the state really have no means of checking whether all votes were accurately recorded or tampered with.

At least 80% of population of Pennsylvania exercised their right to vote last Nov. 8 using those antiquated machines. Meanwhile, a non-profit group, VotePA, is already taking action to have these equipment be replaced with new ones. The group aims to acquire voting machines that can perform rechecking functions.

The use of digital voting machines is one of the most prominent dangers brought by implementation of US election system at very low budgets. Approximately, 1 in 5 voters used such machines to cast their votes in recent elections.