Microsoft Dynamics property management software: work efficiently whatever your type of property is

In the real estate property business, mistakes are costly. So why you should take a risk? I recommend choosing the safe and secure way of managing when mistakes are more of an exception than the rule. Microsoft Dynamics property management software surely works as a protection against any possible mistakes and allows you to make your business more profitable, effective, and productive. You are still, hesitating if it’s worth a try. Today I will underline some of the most important features of the software. Elevate Your Real Estate Strategy and harness the Power of Microsoft Dynamics for Seamless Property Management in Sri Lanka.

Smoother Microsoft Dynamics project management

Let me start with the advantages of the Microsoft Dynamics property management software that streamline your company’s work. 

Firstly, you can use this software for all property management tasks – from contract creation to tenant invoicing. Save time creating lease contracts on your branded templates with all the contract data filled in automatically, set up various pricing rules, add multiple services or lease units to one contract, set reminders on the contract expiration date. There will be nothing to remember anymore because system informs about important events, deadlines, lease contracts’ termination dates. 

Secondly, Microsoft Dynamics’ project management features let you work with tenants efficiently. Using the software, you can store all the tenant-related data in one place including company information, contact information, personal data (as per GDPR requirements), bank accounts. Also, the system lets you track due to invoices, debts, and payments. Microsoft Dynamics’ project management system makes your work simpler.

Use Microsoft Dynamics 365 for finance and operations

Smooth financial management is the basis for successful property management, so I would say that one of the most important features of Microsoft Dynamics property management software is rich financial functionality. With it, you can efficiently manage your general ledger, payables, receivables, inventory, analytical accounting, fixed assets, and cash flow, in addition to performing bank reconciliations and collections. Explore more about Microsoft Dynamics property management software at

I promise that with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for finance and operations you will get complete control of your daily financial operations and benefit from integrated financial accounting. Do everything from creating complete building, unit, lease, and tenant records to invoice your clients and manage overdue debts.

Well, I must mention that not only you will feel the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for finance and operations. Your tenants will be secured with the fastest and the securest payment method.

More productive real estate management

It is true that real estate management takes lots of time and demands effort. But trust me, Microsoft Dynamics property management software changes even this. The lease unit management feature of the software allows for creating a multilevel unit structure where it is possible to have the building, floor, and unit data or create even more levels per your business. Here, you can keep track of unit area changes, add assets to units, and upload pictures or floor maps. Explore more about this real estate’s transformative software at

If your employee is searching for some particular data, he will find everything here too, you can give him permission to view, change, delete or upload information. To find out more about why using Excel for property management will be difficult, visit this website:

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