Why Lockdown Orders Are Good for the Environment 

Over the past months, we had no choice but to be in lockdown. Whether it’s a mandate from the government or out of choice, we had to do what we could to stay away from the virus. It was a huge struggle between staying healthy and keeping the economy afloat. Some people believe that lockdown orders led to more suffering. People lost their jobs, and businesses closed. While these are real problems, we can also look on the brighter side.

To begin with, those who strictly followed the guidelines stayed safe from the virus. Add to that the positive effect on the environment. In many ways, the lockdown orders helped the environment recover.

Positive effect on tourist destinations

Tourism is virtually non-existent because of this virus. As a result, industries running tourist spots had more time to maintain the place and help them recover. Natural wonders became less crowded. There was less pollution. It gave nature a break and sufficient time to recover.

Animals felt safer

There were reports of marine animal sightings in places where they no longer go. Since some areas didn’t receive visitors for a while, the animals felt safer. It’s a good thing to see them enjoying life again. We stayed too close to their homes, and they have a chance to enjoy what belongs to them.

There’s less pollution

Since we don’t have to drive around or even use public transportation frequently, there’s less air pollution. Lockdown orders helped clean our air. Manufacturing industries are also not as busy as they used to be due to the decrease in demand. While it’s bad for business, it also helped in reducing our carbon footprint.

More people have time to evaluate their actions

Perhaps, this year was all about reflection and evaluating life choices. At some point, we realized that our actions harm the environment and something needs to change. You might even have thought about working with a junk removal St Petersburg company to help you deal with trash at home. If not for this lockdown, you wouldn’t have the chance to rethink your decisions and the consequences of your behavior. You might even have a clearer mind on other issues you face in life.

People had more time to volunteer

The work from home set up freed up our schedule. Most people can finish their tasks within a few hours and have nothing to do the next day. It offers more opportunities to volunteer for worthy causes. You can join cleanup missions. You can also help organizations in planting more trees. You’re not the only one who thinks about using your time this way. Other people are probably doing what they can to help too.

It doesn’t mean we have to downplay the impact of the coronavirus. It’s a crisis that we don’t deserve to have. People died because of it, and it will forever change our lives. However, we can always look at the good things that happened. We can feel good that the environment is in much better shape now because of how we behaved.

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